Taking part in the Darlington Experiment 2.0 is a safe way of sharing what goes on in and around Darlington from the privacy of your own living room! It is a fun interactive way of getting to know what's going on and perhaps being introduced to new people and activities.

But as an internet based project it is vital that participants remember all the general internet safety rules to protect themselves – such as never meet someone you have chatted to on-line unless you are in a public place and are accompanied by a group of friends, never give your home address or personal details and be aware that people are not always what they seem on-line.

The Darlington Experiment 2.0 is encouraging people to use social media tools such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and by doing so you will inevitably get into contact with new people. This can be great fun just remember the safety rules!

You can find out more about internet safety at: