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Experiment 101

You probably already tackled experiment 101 during your elementary years but there’s no harm in going back to basic. The reason why we added this is because it is proven effective.

Find A Topic Or A Subject

It starts with curiosity. Let your curiosity bite you this time. Let’s say you are interested on how you can turn salt water to a drinking water. Ask questions and continue to open different paradigms to get you deeper in your curiosity.

Focus On Your Subject

Once you found a subject, it is now time to run your experiment. The scientific term for measuring parameters of experiment is variable. It means that you have to focus on the question you are trying to solve. Example, you would use charcoal, pebbles, sand, and other materials to turn salt water into a drinking water. Test those subject and find out which material works best.

Make A Hypothesis

Research your subject. Making a hypothesis is the testing phase. Every hypothesis you make should be based on scientific explanations. Sometimes you could use your instinct when all else fails.

Gather All Your Data

Each subject you want to test should have been researched. To make your experiment easier, be as detailed as possible. Writing down your data is the best way to keep them accurately.

Run Your Experiment

In this phase, you have to be strategic. This saves you time and energy. It also helps you come up with the correct conclusion once your done. Create an experiment method and do it.


Questions like is the data consistent? Is your hypothesis correct? Be as comprehensive as you can be when it comes drawing your conclusion.