einstein illustrative picture

Anyone Can Be A Scientist

Are you a great thinker who questions so many things? Then you have the potential to become a scientist! You probably thought that scientists job is only for geniuses. You are wrong. Scientists that we know are like normal people just like you. Just follow these simple steps and you are on your way to becoming a scientist

Find A Need

It starts with a need. Look out for things that can be improved and find ways on how you can solve them. Thomas Edison saw the need for light. He noticed that burning waxes was not enough to sustain the need of people for light. Regardless how hard or impossible it might be, he still used all the guts he have to fill that need.

Trial And Error

Geniuses such as Albert Einstein made mistakes too. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you are only a human after all. Once you created an invention, test it over and over again. Improve the quality of your experiment until it becomes superb.

Don’t Mind The Skeptics

Expect that many people will disapprove your new endeavor. All of the scientists recorded in history experienced the same thing. What separates the successful people to people who failed is perseverance. They maintained a positive outlook that they are creating something that will shape the world. When Alexander Graham Bell was working with telephone, many thought it would be impossible. But guess what it happened.