3 Environmental Movies Everyone Needs to Watch



Scientists are driven to find answers. And many do it in painstaking ways. So when they speak, people listen. Or at least many try to. But there are also those who doubt or brush off findings based on years of research. And one prime example would be the issue of climate change. Global warming denial is just one of the things many environmental scientists, scientific organizations, and other experts have to deal with. Whatever your beliefs may be about the topic, to watch some of the best enviromental movies ever made will make you rethink the way you view the problem.

1. Planet Ocean (2012)
This 90-minute documentary takes you into the stunning and mysterious heart of the ocean. From the surface to depths many have not seen before. This is a must-watch for the sheer magnificence it reveals and as a way to better understand the power and vulnerability the world’s oceans now face because of factors like overfishing, pollution, and so much more.

2. Drop in the Ocean (2015)
This is another film about ocean life and the collective impact of people’s actions that are harming it. Drop in the Ocean gives you a better grasp of just how many plastics are being dumped into the ocean annually. It also takes a look into how overfishing and overconsumption and the use of harmful chemicals are taking its toll on the health of the ocean and all the marine life that call it home.

3. Earth on Fire (2014)
Earth on Fire provides a chilling look into the ultimate cost of fires in terms of changing not just for devastating affected forest areas but also on what could be lasting impact on the ecosystem.

Young Scientist You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Scientist and a big machine

We are proud to present you these young scientists who dared to be different. They continually surprise us with their ability to conduct experiments and solve needs. They are indeed the world shakers who will shape our future.

Nevada Sanchez

Even as a child, he had a thirst for science. His dad and mom has no background in inventing things but he still chose this road less travelled. He worked for Max Tegmark where he got experience and precious knowledge. He studied the best way for DNA sequencing and he succeeded. He used sound waves to analyze ones body which later on can be used for surgery.

Konstantin Batygin

He never gave up when everybody was saying it can be done. He solved classic questions about the solar systems. Through his perseverance, he discovered that the planets in the solar system will move farther from the sun.

Dennis Hong

His invention was inspired from his favorite movie, Star Wars. He created robots with helping hands. These robots can manage to hold an egg, snake, and other things. His invention can be used by handicap or people with disability. Helping hands could help anyone to fulfill daily activities and house work.

Adam Wilson

Have you ever thought that you can control robot by telepathy? Adam Wilson will say yes. He developed a machine for disabled. This machine allows a disabled person to control robotics by using only their mind. How does it work? He recorded electric signals and programed it to the robot. These signals will now make the robot move according to what you think.

John Rinn

He had a difficult childhood yet here he is, rocking the world through his theories. He proved that all of the compounds found in DNA and RNA are significant. He showed his discovery to the crowd and silenced them. He proved that if we would understand how to decode our human cells, it would turn into our advantage. His discovery could help research in how to cure cancer and other deadly diseases with no cure.

Elizabeth Beattie

She invented a bicep accessory that gives forty pounds bicep strength. It is one of the cool gadgets we would like to get our hands to ourselves. Imagine wearing this accessory and feel like iron man. It is awesome. She is also developing tiny robots that gets energy from organisms. It can detect harmful viruses and diseases before it gets worst.